REVIEW: Short DOC ‘Strangers no more’ A MUST SEE!

No longer a stranger to the fantastic short doc ‘Strangers No More’ – A MUST SEE!

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster.  39 minutes that will make you laugh, cry and maybe even think. The film follows 3 students attending a school situated in Tel Aviv that is like no other in Israel, or perhaps in the world.

The stories of Johannes from Ethiopia, Esther from South Africa and Mohammed from Darfur give you a glimpse into the life of refugees and children of foreign workers in Israel. It’s a story about students from 48 countries coming from diverse backgrounds and speaking different languages who come together as one.

This documentary does a great job in bringing out what I love about Israelis – their willingness to help and care for others, even if they are ‘strangers’. There is a reason they call Israelis “Sabra” (prickly pear) they are thick and rough on the outside, yet sensitive and sweet on the inside.

Let me end this with a quote from the movie:

“we don’t just talk about human rights and unity here…we live it!”

This movie is a must see!

Until you get a chance to, check out the trailer