SDM’s ONE-on-ONE with Doc. Maker and Israel’s “Big Brother” Co-Host Assi Azar

After a very successful showing in San Francisco of his new documentary ‘Mom, Dad I have something to tell you‘, SDM interviewed Israeli reality TV star Assi Azar

Who is Assi Azar? What would you want people to know about yourself?

mmm well, I am a nice guy… (I think). I am also a TV host. I host the Israeli version of “Big Brother” here. I am also gay, single and looking.

Were you always interested in documentary filmmaking?

No, I wasn’t. When I was asked by the production company to work on a documentary about “coming out” I initially refused. I thought the issue was already covered from all angles, but then after the events at the Gay Youth community centre, in which 2 teens were killed (Read more), I felt like I had to do something for the community and then the ides for “Mom, Dad I have something to tell you” came.

Tell us about “Mom, dad, I have something to tell you” ?

It is a short-form, low-budget documentary, only 45 minutes. It’s a movie made for TV. The idea was to look at “coming out” from the perspective of the parents and what they go through when their children come out of the closet. The documentary is based on my meetings with families who have a gay son or daughter. I also sat and talked to my own parents about my coming out and how it affected them, in order to bring to light to their experience, our experience.

You’ve participated in panel discussions about your movie outside of Israel, tell us about your experience. 

It was amazing, I had so much fun! When we finished shooting the movie, my dream was to show it to as many people as I could, and by traveling with the movie to the states I achieved my dream. Now I want to go to other places in the world too!

Has being Israeli influenced your work?

I am Israeli. I was born here, I grew up here, it is who I am. It has affected, and will affect, everything I’ve done and will do.

You also host the Israeli “Big Brother” what are your thoughts about Israeli reality TV ?

I was basically born out of Reality TV: My first gig was for the host of an Israeli show for youth called EXIT. I was part of “Who Will be The Next Host of EXIT?” and I was chosen out of 15 other candidates, so I have an attachment to reality TV. I really love my job. I also think we are doing an awesome job with Big Brother in Israel, and I hope to be part of this phenomenon for a long time!

Are you working on any other projects, or do you have plans for other projects?

I am now finishing writing my first TV series, 10 episodes of a romantic comedy. I can’t wait to start shooting!

And of course, does Size Matter (in relations to Israel of course) ?

I am a gay man. Of course size matters LOL


“Mom, Dad I have something to tell you” TRAILER