SDM gets up close and personal with Israeli YouTube sensation Idan Matalon (Briefs, Enrique and Beyonce)

His Lip-Sync production and innocent looks have made Idan an overnight YouTube sensation. He’s covered the likes of Madonna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj etc…, Idan is the face of My Gay Trip in the latest TETU magazine and was featured in, Winq Magazine and various Israeli newspapers. He’s talented, good looking and charming, seems like a winning formula! Check out our One-on-One with Idan… ENJOY

Who is Idan Matalon ? 

Idan Matalon is 23 yo boy that moved from Gan Yavne villige to the big city (AKA Tel Aviv) 2 years ago. While I enjoy the Tel Aviv Nightlife, during the day I work in education with teenagers from Bat Yam, a city south of Tel Aviv.

You are known for your Lip-Syncs, please explain what they are…

I basically create my own rendition of famous clips with Tel Aviv (in most cases) as a background. The Music is the same, but the background is original with me Lip Singing. My latest clip is a Lip-Sync of “Stay” by Tooji who will represent Norway at the next Eurovision

You became an overnight Youtube sensation, did you expect that ? 

I never Expected all the attention … even now I dont feel it…it feels virtual, not real. One day I decided to make a video as a hobby and of course, like anyone would, I uploaded it to youtube to get feedback as an artist…but never thought it would become so big!

You’ve become somewhat of an icon within the online Gay community, how do you feel about that ?

wow…” icon within the online Gay community”…sounds awesome. haha now seriously – It’s great for the ego. In Israel, the gay community is taking over the media, from hosts in reality shows, to music and dance and of course, YouTube sensations lol- it helps me GROW! Many people from the community are very excited to participate in my projects…so its Win-Win!

You were featured in TETU, how was that ?

It was freaking awesome being in TETU (as the face of MyGayTrip)
I’m working on a new video in Paris next week…The first thing I will do when I arrive is look for a copy of TETU, open it and then it will all become more real.

Tel Aviv’s reputation as an LGBTQ destination is at its all time high, do you think Social Media is partly responsible? 

I’m sure that Social Media is partly responsible for Tel Aviv’s reputation! I can see it from the letters that people around the world send me all the time…they keeping saying “I just search for the song of lady gaga and found your video… I never thought Tel Aviv was such cool/tolerant place… I want to go there… seems like a fun place with beautiful people ”

Actually I think that Most people do not intentionally look for “Israel” on Google or YouTube … and the fact that through popular songs and singers they are suddenly/unintentionally exposed Israel (not Gaza, and rockets and soldiers like you would see on CNN) – My project is a great way to showcase the real Israel.

We’ve noticed more and more Professional photos of you, are you considering modelling? 

hahaha not modeling… but I think that these pictures are good way to build the ‘Idan’ brand. I would like to become a spokesperson for different brands through my productions. Product placement is something I am interested in, I think my videos are a great way for brands to sell their products.

(Photos by Shay Galanti)

Let’s get a little more personal

Boxers or Briefs? Boxers
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Boyfriend
First Kiss ? Rather not talk about it lol
Beyonce or Rihanna ? Beyonce of course
Enrique or Adam Levine ? Enrique

Now back to being a little more professional…

What are you favorite spots in Tel Aviv ? What would you recommend to Tourists coming for Pride ?

Dizengoff Center
Hilton Beach
Rothchild Roads
Ben Gurion Roads

My recommendation for Pride:

EVITA BAR – Wednesday night. I promote a party with Barak Krips called “KEN-TLV” – It’s a new line – HipHop&Dance Music all NIGHT! and of couse I recommend BigBoys Party and take some sun in Hilton Beach

What are you plans for the future ?

For the future – I wanna be the one who changes the Rules of Israeli and European Media. I want to show people that you can succeed without selling out to the world of television…I believe that when you’re doing creative things in your own way – your Passion is a lot more prevalant …not just a fake smile. So that’s MY big Dream…to be a spokesperson for Brands and to stay the same….(Innocent)

And of course, Does Size Matter ? (in relations to Israel of course)

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!! and as Israel..I’m little too…just 1.65 m….


Want More of Idan ? Check out his: BLOG, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, FACEBOOK PAGE