HOLIDAY SEASON: Adam Sandler HBO1996 Hanukkah for the Jews and A DELICIOUS Israeli Christmas Dinner for Christians

1st of a series of posts dedicated to the HOLIDAY SEASON!



About Delicious Israel and Studio Fein Cook

Delicious Israel was founded in 2011 by Inbal Baum to showcase Israel’s unique and innovative culinary culture. Inbal made aliyah in 2009, leaving behind her career as a commercial attorney in New York in order to live out her passions – Israel, food/wine, and a beach yogi lifestyle. After two years of learning about the best places to eat fresh goat cheese, hunt desert truffles, and sip fine Israeli boutique wines, Inbal opened Delicious Israel to share this knowledge with the rest world.

Delicious Israel’s experiences include: culinary walking tours in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Nazareth, custom food/wine/beer tours throughout Israel, gourmet cooking workshops with Fein Cook, and private yoga sessions (complete with a fresh fruit shake afterwards(

To learn more or book one of Delicious Israel’s experiences:

Twitter: @deliciousisrael


Chef Yair Feinberg was born and raised on an Israeli kibbutz where he experienced the culinary style known throughout Israeli kitchens and restaurants – simple and basic, yet fresh from the land. He traveled to Europe to study and work and completed his graduate studies in Culinary Innovation and Management at the Institute Paul Bocuse in France.

Feinberg’s professional experience includes working at Michelin star decorated restaurants in Paris, Tuscany and Provence, where he learned techniques to combine the “old and new world” styles using technology, highest quality ingredients, and innovative kitchen devices.

Upon returning to Israel, Feinberg opened Studio Fein Cook, which offers gourmet catering services and cooking and baking workshops for all levels.