Israeli researchers develop oil-based pesticide

Volcani Center scientist come up with first-of-its-kind environmentally friendly pesticide based on garden-variety vegetable oil

True recycling: Israeli scientists have made a breakthrough development – a vegetable oil-based, environmentally friendly pesticide.

According to the an Agriculture Ministry, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) scientists at the Volcani Institute have been able to developed an emulsion based on garden variety vegetable oil, which has been proven to be an effective form of pest control.

Researcher Shmuel Gan-Mor, who headed the team, said that “the multispectral spray works against diseases, insects, fungi and agricultural pests, such as mites, sternorrhyncha, and powdery mildew.”

The new pesticide, which is said to be both safe for immediate harvesting as well as enjoy a long shelf-life, is also very cost effective, as the ministry said it costs only $1 per liter to produce.

According to the ministry’s statement, the emulsion has been proven effective against pests that target vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini and peppers as well as cereal grains including wheat, barley and oats.

The Volcani Institute said that the use of the new green pesticide could significantly reduce overhead expenditures in farms that need to use large amounts of pesticides and can also be used as a preventative measure, to ward off pests.