Israeli Health Ministry not so into “HoneySex”

A new type of honey is out on the market in Israel. It’s called ‘HoneySex,’ and the company which markets it promises that it’s made only from natural ingredients and promises to improve your sex life.

However, a special announcement from Israel’s ministry of health this morning says that a review of the product found that it contains chemicals which are similar to those in Viagra, the pills which are used for treating men with erectile dysfunction. This chemical (sildenafil) is forbidden for people who suffer from changes in blood pressure or heart disease, as it expands blood vessels. Side effects include headaches, extended heart rate, and insomnia.

The Israeli ministry of health also announced that they are going to forward their lab results to the American FDA, as this product is an import from the US. “The active material in this product can cause death,” says Miki Arieli from the Israeli Ministry of Health.