Israel cabinet to propose NIS 265 million anti-obesity program

Program would restrict TV ads for high-calorie foods, amend law requiring doctor’s note to use workout facilities.

An interministerial program to promote healthy lifestyles, focused on preventing and reducing obesity, is scheduled to be submitted to the cabinet on Sunday. The plan’s numerous recommendations include amending a 1994 law requiring prospective gym members to obtain a physician’s approval before signing up; new members would instead be asked to fill out and sign a declaration of fitness.

The program supports lowering the minimum age for working out with free weights, resistance machines and aerobic exercise machines in gyms from 18 to 14. It calls for the Ministry of Culture and Sport to expand the general public’s access to athletic facilities in educational institutions and other public buildings – including courts, playing fields and auditoriums – when they are not in use by students.

Full story Via Haaretz