Getting (un)Dressed for Success: Yulian Levinson

The hot Israeli male model Yulian Levinson shocked a lot of women when he came out as gay earlier this year. Levinson, who modeled for Tommy Hilfiger (Israel branch) and the Israeli fashion brand Castro, published a controversial photo shoot, and developed an almost impossible relationship with celebrity Orit Fox. And now he declares his next step: conquering America.

In June he’s coming to New York to another meeting with a possible modeling agency (EMG) which sends models to magazine fashion shoots and runways all over the world. “This is the second time I’m coming to New York this year,” he tells exclusively. “Last time I had a few meetings with other agencies and some auditions. This time I’ll also be meeting with the screenwriter and director Barry Levinson [former executive producer of ‘Oz’ who’s currently working on two new movies to be released later this year], who’s a relative of mine. I wanted to be in the entertainment business since I was 8, and entering the business in Israel was a dream come true to me, so now I continue my hard work, I’m learning acting, working every day at the gym and watching what I eat.”

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