Everyone’s Boyfriend by Kristóf Yosef Steiner

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By Kristóf Yosef Steiner

Two years ago David Gershon decided to shake up the system. Opening a new page in his life, and in a way, the life of every man in Tel Aviv – he started an online men’s fashion magazine which has become a recognizable voice in the local scene. I interviewed the guy behind Boyfriend Magazine.

When did you become interested in fashion?

When I was twelve years old I discovered fashion magazines. I fell in love with Isaac Mizrahi, Bruce Weber’s photography and of course, the 1990s supermodels – my Bar Mitzvah featured a life size painting of Cindy Crawford! I was also really influenced by collections of the time: Chanel and John Galliano Spring/Summer 1995, for example.

Did you study fashion?

Not formally. I studied writing at Columbia University, and later on I took some styling and fashion history courses. But I didn’t pursue fashion because my family was against it; they didn’t consider it to be serious.

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Why did you start an online fashion magazine for men in Tel Aviv?

I found myself very frustrated as a consumer who wanted to buy more than t-shirts and jeans. In Israel there was a huge black hole where a men’s fashion industry should’ve been. I had a lot of knowledge and opinions stored up, and I felt that it was time to start a project of my own.

I couldn’t find pictures of you in Boyfriend.

Boyfriend isn’t about me, personally. It’s about about adding a fun, creative voice to the men’s fashion discussion in Tel Aviv. I want it to be inspirational for as many people as possible. There is, however a Boyfriend “personality” which has slowly emerged – but, If anything, it’s my courageous alter ego.

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