7 Foot Star of David @ Mardi Gras in Sydney

2012 will be the twelfth time that Dayenu has marched in Sydney’s Mardi Gras Parade and this will be our largest float yet. As well as our 3 ton truck bedecked with a 2.2m high three-dimensional Magen David, we will have over 100 marchers participating. As Purim falls within four days of the Parade this year, we’ve chosen this as the theme for our float. Our marchers have been asked to dress up in costume as kings and queens and in the tradition of both Mardi Gras and Purim, many will be cross-dressing. Our float is listed in the Parade guide as “Party ’til you can’t tell king from queen”, a paraphrase of the tradition of drinking “until you can’t tell Haman from Mordechai”.

Source: Jwire.com.au