11 Reasons Why Tel Aviv is One of My Favorite Cities by ‘Travels of Adam’

11 Reasons

We knew it was love at first sight when we read Adam’s top 2 reasons for loving Tel Aviv.

1. Tel Aviv is Small

Tel Aviv is one of those cities that’s very much a city (it’s got nightlife, 24/7 shops, plenty of options for every type of resident) but it’s also very much like a village. The city is walkable when it’s not sweltering hot outside, and it’s certainly not very hard to get around. It’s one of those small cities with a big city heart—where you just might run into your friends at the same cafe or patio bar.

2. Tel Aviv is Big 

While its’ population and size may be small, its’ heart & soul is certainly big. Despite its small city feeling, Tel Aviv gets a whole range of amazing live music gigs from around the world. This summer, bands the likes of The XX, PSY (Gangam Style, hey!) and Alicia Keys all have upcoming gigs in Tel Aviv.

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