Tel Aviv in Travelers Digest’s top 10 list of Cities With The World’s Best Looking Men

Having previously introduced a collection of articles on the loveliest ladies around the world, we saw it only fitting to give their dashing counterparts a fair shot. Presented entirely by a woman’s perspective, our roving travel writer shares her list of the cities with the best-looking guys — and why they make her swoon. Guys can follow this link to see the cities with the world’s hottest women, or go big and take a look at the countries with the world’s most beautiful women.

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Due to its enviable proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, artistic Bauhaus architecture, high-end dining, and a contemporary cultural scene, Tel Aviv has become a hot spot for trendsetters worldwide. Local cuties flaunt their fit bodies –-made all the better by their year-round tans– at any of the numerous beaches and cafés found on the 10-mile seaside strip. In the evenings, you’ll find these guys dancing the night away at the trendiest venues in town. Reputed to be opinionated but ultimately marriage–minded, you could do worse.

9. Milan, Italy

Considered by many to be one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Milan is home to some of the most stunning looking guys with an added bonus of stylish flair. Everywhere you turn you’ll spot a light-eyed, golden-skinned specimen of a man, ready to romance you in front of a cozy café near Il Duomo or at any of the trendy high-end fashion-themed nightspots. Be ready for some flirty fun and compliments a plenty, as Italian men are famous for their coquettish ways. Ciao Bella!

8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most culturally- diverse cities in Europe, with its many museums, cafés, historic landmarks and infamous underground nightlife. The men tend to be intellectuals, with an unending quest for knowledge and a spirit for adventure. They enjoy stimulating conversations with smart and sassy women that possess a tiny dash of wickedness. What makes these German guys so sexy? Their intelligence, their sense of originality and let’s face it – their strong and chiseled good looks.

7. Madrid, Spain

The boys from Madrid – a city built on tradition and classical architecture – possess the dark, smoldering good looks that make the term “Latin Lover” a formidable description indeed. Whether you’re taking a stroll in the romantic “El Retiro” Park or sharing a tapa or two, these smart and sexy creatures will seduce you with their cool and sophisticated charm. Simultaneously, they will practically convince you that their passion for life as well as for their fair city is the only way to go. Olé!

6. Sydney, Australia

Fun-loving Aussies seem to have it all; wit, brains and brawn. Known for their thrill-seeking versatility, these hot commodities can spend the day teaching you how to surf at the picturesque Bondi Beach then switch gears for an evening of refined entertainment at the Sydney Opera House. Their relaxed sensibilities will put you at ease in no time. And if that’s not enough, what can one say about their gloriously mischievous accents? It’s enough to tempt you to spend a week (or more) in the remote outback country.

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