Must-try snacks in Israel!

When abroad, you cannot fully grasp the tourist experience unless you’ve tried the local cuisine. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of MUST-TRY snacks which will complete your experience!

Lets start with the top snacks you HAVE to try!

[Although many of these foods and snacks have expanded outside of Israel, everything does in fact taste better in Israel, right? 🙂 ]



1. Bamba

Probably the most famous Israeli snack is “Bamba”. The peanut butter-flavoured snack has been a huge hit in Israel ever since its release, and is popular amongst children, teens, and yes, even adults.

Although it originated as the exclusive peanut butter flavor, it has expanded to a variety of other flavours.

Some of the available Bamba types: The original peanut butter, strawberry Bamba, nougat filling, and yes, there is even bamba filled with bamba cream.

Gallery photos in order: The original peanut butter; Bamba with nougat filling; Strawberry Bamba; Bamba cream filled Bamba.

*Allergy warning: Contains peanuts and gluten (although there is a special gluten-free Bamba)*


2. Bissli


Bissli is another one of Israel’s top-selling snacks. It is produced from wheat, and is the second leading in Israel (after Bamba).

Likewise, it comes in various flavours and shapes.

Some of the available Bissli types: The original grill flavour, pizza flavour, falafel flavour, onion flavour.

Gallery photos in order: A mix of Bissli flavours; The original grill flavour.


3. Milky


Usually sold in packs of 4 or more (just like yogurt!), the chocolate and whipped cream product is a fan favourite!

Photos in order: The original Milky (cappuccino flavour); (Second photo) Milky with white and milk chocolate bits, Milky with Aero-like bubble chocolates; Chocolate flavour; upside down Milky.



4. Mekupelet

This milk-chocolate bar (which looks like wood!) is incredibly addicting. Its name “Mekupelet” translates to “folded”, symbolizing the wooden-like texture of the twisted chocolate bits.

Warning: It tastes so good that you might just eat 10 in a row.


5. Krembo


With a chocolate coat and a marshmallow filling, this snack continues to be a hit.

You may want to get a few packs of these because we guarantee that they will be gone in minutes!




This popular cereal (not only for children!) contains a nougat cream filling, making it irresistible and a must-buy!


7. Shugi/Oogi/Kokoman

These three snack bars, produced by the same brand, are highly popular snacks in Israel.

They come in different flavours such as sugary corn, cookies and cream, and chocolate-rice, and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Photos in order: Original sweet corn Shugi; Cookies and cream Oogi; Chocolate-rice Kokoman.


8. Klik

Klik is a popular Israeli chocolate, and comes as chocolate bars or in small snack size bags.

It has become incredibly popular since its release, and there is a wide selection of flavours, however below are some of the available flavours.

Cookies and cream Klik; Nougat-cream filled chocolate Klik; Cereal flavoured Klik; Biscuit flavoured Klik.


9. Apropo


Apropo is another popular Israeli corn snack, shaped like a triangle.

Warning: Don’t be surprised if you eat 10 in a row! 🙂


10. Beigel and beigel pretzels


These pretzels, produced by the “Beigel and Beigel” brand, are both visually appealing AND delicious.

They come as thin sticks, shaped like a pretzel, and are even doughnut shaped! And come on, we all get salty cravings from time to time.


11. Pesek zman



Pesek zman, which translates to “Timeout”, is another popular Israeli chocolate snack.

The chocolate bar is available in a variety of flavours, and you have our word that you will fall in love with it.

Photos in order: Dark chocolate with a waffle filling; White chocolate with waffle filling; Milk chocolate with a waffle filling.


12. Elite chocolate


The most popular chocolate bars in Israel are produced by the brand, “Elite”.

There are a ton of varieties, and frankly too many to list! However, check out the gallery to see some of the delicious types!



Bon appetite!- or as we say in Hebrew, “Be-te-avon!”


To be continued (with the top foods you must try!)