Must-try foods in Israel!

Since our previous post was about must-try snacks in Israel, we knew we couldn’t just end it like that (since we probably increased your hunger by about 80%), so we decided to give you a list of must-try foods in Israel!

Yalla, it’s time to begin!


1. Jerusalem Mix


Also known as “Meorav Yerushalmi” in Hebrew, is a meat dish consisting of chicken hearts and liver, and bits of lamb. The dish traditionally includes onion bits, and is considered a specialty of the city of Jerusalem!

Sidenote: It tastes A LOT better than how it sounds! 🙂


2. Jachnun


This delicious dish was originally brought to Israel by Yemenite Jews, and has become a very popular dish within Israel!

The pastry, made of dough, is traditionally served with a dip, and is one of an Israelis’ favourite meals!


3. Ptitim


This meal, which translates to “flakes”, is traditionally served as a side dish in Israel, but could easily be eaten as a main course (it is just too good to solely be a side dish)!

The small ball-shaped pasta is usually mixed with veggies, and is a must-try when in Israel!


4. Couscous

Couscous is a wheat product (although there are gluten-free versions), and is available almost everywhere in Israel.

We know you might be thinking, “I buy this product in my local supermarket!”, HOWEVER, that’s actually the instant couscous. The couscous you would find at restaurants in Israel is the real fresh handmade one.

You can decorate it with veggies, either raw or sautéed (like in the photo), and it also makes for a tasty entrée salad!


5. Pita with Hummus/Pita with Za’atar/Pita with Labneh


If we were you, we would try all three of these.

We all know and love the famous pita & hummus meal, but we guarantee that you’ve never had the real true Israeli chickpea hummus, so now would be the perfect time to try!

Pita with za’atar (a herb and spice mix), is another popular Israeli food. It is also fairly easy to find, since it’s pretty much available anywhere, from shopping malls to street kiosks!

Labneh is a yogurt-like spread, usually topped with olive oil. Wrapped up in a pita or a laffa, it may also include veggies inside. We guarantee that having one of these will not satisfy you for the entirety of your stay (because it is just too good!), so you may just want to order 3 at once (and then come back for 3 more the next day).


6.  Shakshuka


What is shakshuka?

Shakshuka is one of the most common Israeli breakfast foods. The dish is created by poaching eggs in tomato sauce, and adding onions and spices (for the colour and the delicious taste!)

You can either make it yourself using the right ingredients, but it is no secret that we all prefer to eat out when travelling. Well, you’re in luck because this meal is available at almost all breakfast restaurants and cafes in Israel!


7. Rugelach


Brought to Israel by Ashkenazi European Jews, this dessert continues to be an Israeli’s favourite.

The great thing about it is that it also easily makes for a great party treat! This majestic looking pastry will definitely keep you wanting more.


8. Sufganiyot (if you happen to travel during Hanukkah)

Going to Israel during Hanukkah is a true life-changing experience (and trust us, we are not exaggerating).

We’re sure you know the typical jelly-filled doughnut, but we’re also sure that you’ve never had the spectacular Israeli Sufganiyot like in the above photos!

Most common fillings: Strawberry/Raspberry jelly, chocolate, custard.


9. Israeli Salad


It may look like a typical salad, but the secret ingredients used in a true Israeli salad make it a delicious side dish, or even a breakfast meal!


10. Burekas

Burekas are Middle Eastern dough pastries that have been highly popularized in Israel. Like most of the listed Israeli foods, you can find them anywhere in the country, and you can also pick and choose based on your preferred filling!

Common burekas fillings: Cheese, potatoes, and meat.


11. Shawarma/Falafel

As you would assume, it is impossible to end this post without mentioning the most famous Israeli foods, shawarma and falafel!

They are available at almost every restaurant, mall, and street kiosk, and will help make you live the true Israeli lifestyle!


We hope you enjoyed going on this food adventure with us! Stay tuned for more similar posts!