The Vibrant Flavours of Israeli Food in Britain

In Strut & Cluck, a newly opened east London restaurant, its owner, Amir Chen, is making haroset: a paste of dried fruits and nuts destined not for a traditional Passover Seder meal, but for a decadent almond cake – a new take on an old family recipe that’s already proving the most popular dessert on their menu.

Born in Israel, made in kitchens around the world, it has been modernised by chefs for a generation eager for something new.

Itamar Srulovich, who, with his wife, Sarit Packer, runs London’s Honey & Co and now a new shop across the street, called Honey & Spice (the busy couple also have two cookbooks and a regular newspaper column to their names), says it’s a natural progression for people already excited by Mediterranean food.


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