Overnight success for Israeli ‘Hunger Games’ app

Israeli start up Funtactix launches Facebook game for blockbuster hit, sees 150,000 users in just four days

The Hunger Games movie has become an instant success on the silver screen and now that success has been translated into a slightly smaller medium – computer screens.

The official Facebook game for “The Hunger Games”, which was developed by Israeli company Funtactix, already has 150,000 users following its Friday launch. It is estimated that the number of users will reach 20 million.

Start up company Funtactix, whose main investor is the JVP fund, recently signed an agreement with Lionsgate Films to develop the official game for “The Hunger Games.”

This is not the first game Funtactix has developed for a Hollywood blockbuster – two months ago it was the Facebook game for “Mission Impossible 4” and before that it was Rango.

The new game lets fans play with their friends in a virtual world based on the characters and scenes from the movie and the book trilogy it is based on.

“Even though we knew in advance that the movie would be a huge hit with teens we were still very excited when we saw the initial statistics, and we hope they will continue to grow and increase,” said Funtactix founder Yaron Leifenberg.

“The Hunger Games” became one of the most successful movies in the history of motion pictures after it grossed a record breaking $152 million on its first weekend.
The movie is based on a trilogy of children’s books written by American author Suzanne Collins. The books became international bestsellers and still feature on the bestseller weeks – 100 weeks in a row.

Source: Ynetnews.com