Portable Solar Energy Backpack KaliPAK Is The Ultimate Gadget For The Great Outdoors

One of the joys of roughing it in nature is the disconnect from today’s constant technology. However, the silent bliss for some is a bothersome inconvenience for others, which is why the creators of a new technology sought out a power solution to strike a balance between the two. Lovers of nature and technology, meet the KaliPAK, the portable renewable energy generator.

The brainchild of two years of research and design by the Kalisaya team based in Israel, the idea for the KaliPAK came about as a solution for those places where grid-based electric power doesn’t exist. This doesn’t just mean that campers and trekkers have a way to stay connected; this autonomous and environmentally-friendly power source could even be used to replace diesel generators or as a back-up in the case of natural disasters. Currently, the team of designers, disaster-recovery experts and businesspeople are hoping to raise $250,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter to bring the product to market and aid electrically-challenged communities in Africa in the process.

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