Meet the Israeli Humanitarian Startup that Fights Hunger

Looking to reform the way aid reaches crisis zones, the 3 Million Club has opened an online store that delivers life-saving items directly to those most in need.

For a number of years, there has been a growing critique within the nonprofit sector about whether the current model being used by large international aid organizations working in the developing world is really the most effective way to help local populations.

In most cases with major nonprofits, they work with large international and local team infrastructures, which while well intentioned, lead to significant overhead and far less value reaching the people who need it most.

One of the creators, Chamutal Afek-Eitam, saw an opportunity for disruption, putting smarter implementation of technology and lean business practices to work with the goal of getting the most value to the end recipients.

One of the most important lessons that the 3 Million Club seems to have taken from the world of e-commerce is the need for simplicity. In the shop on their site, donors have a number of different options to choose from, including nutrition, shelter, medical, water, sanitation and hygiene.



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