Has an Israeli innovator made folding laundry by hand a thing of the past?



Israeli-led Silicon-Valley-based startup seeks to introduce new appliance into average household: The laundry folding machine.

An Israeli-led Silicon-Valley-bred consumer-oriented robotics startup is taking the market by storm, with the introduction of a previously nonexistent appliance stretching the limit of product design and promising to unload one pesky task off the average Joe’s to-do list: folding laundry.
Meet FoldiMate: The brainchild of long-term Israeli product and software executive Gal Rozov, self-described as “a 21st century lifestyle evangelist.” Rozov, along with his development team, seeks to simplify household chores through robotics and technology. The FoldiMate, in development since 2011, is the first materialized vision of the silicon-based startup, and has yet to launch to market.


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