Expo 2015, Israel ready to invest in the Milan project


Translated by expo2015.org

Yesterday morning a small italian delegation with big ambitions paid a visit to Israeli foreign ministry representatives: to sell the Expo to a country that does not stop at a few measly brochures when investing. A two-hour ‘political’ meeting with the General Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place, with the economic and commercial office of the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv present as well, plus a series of technical meetings took place.

The Milanese explained why Italy is one of the best places to discuss feeding the planet and why they want those who are most advanced in terms of food techniques for production under extreme circumstances. The Israelis were already more than willing to negotiate with one of the few European nations they consider good friends, and they said yes: “We have been promised an investment of more than 50% of what they previously invested in Shanghai”, says Stefano Gatti, Director of International Business for Expo, on a three day mission with Director of Technology Valerio Zingarelli. “It’s the same thing that we were told a few weeks ago by the Indians, Germans and the Swiss. At this point I think that we will quite easily reach our goal of one billion in investments coming from abroad alone”.

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