Tel Aviv

VIDEO: Tel Aviv – City Guide for Hipsters

Tel Aviv is one of those cities that’s very much a city (it’s got nightlife, 24/7 shops, international food and plenty of options for every type of resident) but it’s also very much like a village. The city is walkable when it’s not sweltering hot outside, and it’s certainly not very hard to get around. […]

July 14, 2015
6 Internationally Acclaimed Israeli Actors

In recent years, there has been an increase in Israeli movies exported around the world and also a rise in the number of Israeli actors in international cinema. This phenomenon might be explained by the fact that Israeli actors come from an extremely rich land of culture and art. We take a look at the […]

July 13, 2015
mechetner-e1436560206398-635x357 Israeli teen becomes ‘new face’ of Christian Dior

A chance encounter leads Sofia Mechetner, 14, who had no prior modeling experience, to open Dior’s show at Paris Fashion Week In a classic rags to riches story, a 14-year-old Israeli girl from Holon with no prior modeling experience has been signed to Dior, one of France’s top fashion houses as its in-house model, and […]

July 13, 2015
BauhausTLV Germany to help Tel Aviv preserve Bauhaus buildings

Metropolis’s ‘White City,’ a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was designed by Jewish architects who fled Nazis in 1930s BERLIN — Germany is committed to help Israel preserve an architectural legacy that recalls Jewish design pioneers who fled the Nazi regime in the 1930s. Germany will invest $3.2 million over the coming nine years to help […]

July 13, 2015
610086501000100490731no Humans of Tel Aviv project aims to show the world the faces and stories of real Israelis

Photographer Erez Kagnovitz aims to show the world the faces and stories of real Israelis, and plans on launching a travelling exhibit, which will visit US campuses. Israeli photographer and journalist Erez Kaganovitz started the Humans of Tel Aviv blog in 2012 in order to show the world the “true face of Israel.” Now, Erez […]

July 13, 2015
J The Jew(el)s of Broadway shine in Tel Aviv

By: ‪ Kristof Steiner, White City Boy Gay times are upon us, musical luvers! You Won’t Succeed on Broadway if You Don’t Have Any Jews – a co-production ofEnglish National Theatre of Israel and London’s Collaborative Artists is coming to Tel Aviv Museum of Art next week. The show brings together West End stars from London and top-class Israeli […]

July 9, 2015