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Israeli Musicians, Seymour Stein is looking for you!

Posted on:
August 25, 2014
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Hey Israeli artists, the man who discovered the Ramones, Talking Heads and other rock icons wants to sign you. Seymour Stein, co-founder of Sire Records and current vice president of Warner Bros., will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming Tune In Tel Aviv, an annual conference for the music industry in Israel.

Tune In Tel Aviv is billed as Israel’s international music industry conference, and takes place Nov. 19-23. Over 50 local artists will be showcased for global bookers, agents and labels. In addition to handling keynote duties, Stein hopes to find a new artist to sign.

Stein told the Jerusalem Post that he’s been hearing about “all the fantastic music coming out of Israel these past years; and I truly look forward to seeing for myself the best artists which [Israel] has to offer. I would love to sign another Israeli act.”

Read more at Billboard.com.

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak in Israel

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August 25, 2014
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Apple co-founder and tech pioneer Steven Wozniak has landed in Israel for the first time. Wozniak will be in Holon, near Tel Aviv, where he will be the keynote speaker at a conference.

According to Times of Israel, “one of the issues Wozniak feels strongly about is how technology can help kids learn better. On Monday, he will be talking about that issue at Eduaction, a conference on all things educational.”

Read more at Times of Israel.

Did You Say Free Wifi?

Posted on:
August 12, 2014
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Israel’s free internet is moving outdoors as Communication Minister Gilad Erdan lifts limitations on routers.

Free internet in Israel just got better. Israelis and tourists can now set up personal hotspots anywhere in the country….well maybe not the Negev, but you get the point. The extension of free internet allows for better communication across the region. Tourists no longer have to worry about the price of foreign internet and the stress of communication.

Although cities like Tel Aviv and Ariel have already been providing free wifi, the ministry confined the internet routers to indoor areas, which meant a weak signal for public “outdoor” areas.


In a note, the ministry explained, “in light of new technologies that have appeared over the past few years, the ministry has decided to remove limitations on use of Wi-fi, which until now had been limited to indoor venues. It will now be possible to offer Internet services anywhere in Israel.”

Erdan believes by removing the limitations and confines of routers, Israelis will be able to stay better connected to the internet and surf it for free.

Who wouldn’t be happy?! Free + Wifi = every techies dream.


The Other 10 Commandments

Posted on:
August 11, 2014
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In the spirit of Tu Be’Av (Israel’s Valentines day), SDM is spreading the love with igoogledisrael’s “Ten Commandments of Dating in Tel Aviv.”

1. Thou shall not expose real intentions from the start

Men want one thing…sex. They are willing to spend hundreds of shekels on wining and dining a woman just to get that. Meanwhile, women like to play it cool by hiding their true feelings about being in a relationship, all in the name of making a good first impression.

2. Thou shall not play hard to get

The 24 hour rule: when a man or woman has to wait 24h after a date before talking again – don’t do it. God forbid you let them know your into them!

3. Thou shall not have sex before the third date

The ‘Third date’ rule is a favorite among Telavivians. The more popular it gets, the less logical it seems.

4. Remember the Sabbath day to avoid it

Dates on weekends are a huge mistake, given that all the kids are out. Take time during the week for some romance at cool bar.

5. Thou shall not commit adultery… with a few exceptions

Tel Avians are known for their commitment issues. Nobody likes to close off their options, even if they have found the “perfect” partner. Don’t assume it’s exclusive if you haven’t talked about it.

6. Honour your father and mother… just don’t live with them.

People are attracted to others who are independent and self-sufficient. Even though living under your parents’ roof sounds ideal to your wallet and stomach, it’s not the same for your sex life.

7. Thou shall not keep a strict checklist

Back in the day it was all about class, profession and stature. People have high expectations, and with that comes disappointment. Here’s a word to the wise: perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t waist your time trying to find it.

8. Thou shall not let the man pay… all the time

As much as women love being spoiled, give men a break. Often, men love when women foot the bill- it shows they are confident and independent.

9. Thou shall not keep thy date hidden from friends

Honestly, it’s just extra effort on your side, when in actuality nobody really cares. Unless it’s one of your friends exes, which is a big NO.

10. Thou shall not appear too eager

Appearing too eager can prevent you from great moments, like a spontaneous kiss. It’s best to hold back your eager beaver!


Halifax Pride 2014

Posted on:
July 29, 2014
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Size Doesn’t Matter was at the Garrison Grounds in Halifax this weekend celebrating the  27 Halifax Pride Festival.

Our team was there to give out some SDM swag, share our love of TLV, and celebrate Pride with the community. We met lots of new friends and are already looking forward to next year’s event!


Halifax Pride collage

Fries with that?

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July 29, 2014
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Although Belgium and France are notorious for their finger-licking fries, Tel Aviv is a close match.

Making the perfect batch of fries is no joke, especially to the Israelis. From the type of potatoes, to the amount of frying and seasoning, it all must be done to perfection.

Vitrina, at 54 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv, does just so. The restaurant was founded on its tasty hot dogs that quickly became a hit among Israelis. Customers were so satisfied with their meat, it was only right for them to buy a side of french fries to complete the tasteful experience. Owner, Nati Menashe, founded his business on a sausage stand that later grew into a successful restaurant. Menashe’s fries or as they call them, “50/50,” are made of two different potatoes: half white and half sweet. But their killer taste can mostly be attributed to the lemon zest and parsley toppings (mmmmmmm).


A couple doors up from Vitrina awaits another fry heaven called, “Brasserie.” Open 24 hours, this restaurant is good for an afternoon snack or midnight eat. The fries come in a beautiful shade of brown and are wrapped in old newspapers- talk about presentation! But Brasserie’s secret to success lies in their fries salty goodness. There’s a reason why people keep coming back for more… and its not because they are parched.

While the above restaurants fit the ideal fries type of place, the next is a hidden treasure.

Zakaim restaurant is famous for their vegan cuisine, and to many peoples surprise, their fries. Who said Veganism had to be boring? After a taste of their hand torn fries and homemade ketchup, you would likely agree. Zakaim’s original vegan boutique serves up the best batch of fries with a crispy texture, irregular shape, and mouthwatering taste. The combination of their fries and ketchup make for an addictive experience from the very first bite.


So the next time you’re craving a perfect batch of fries, which is probably right now,  be sure to check out these hidden treasures.