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Isreal-Hackathon10 Israeli and Indian Innovators Come Together to Boost Affordable Tech Solutions in Indian Healthcare

In a unique initiative, the first India-Israel hackathon, Med4Dev, by the Tel Aviv-based Pears Program for Global Innovation at Tel-Aviv University, brought together innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, and healthcare experts from the two countries. Nine challenges were posed by Indian foundations, hospitals, and other partners aimed at solving issues related to telemedicine, diagnostics, and monitoring solutions […]

August 1, 2016
Students’ Idea is Changing the Way We Get Our Cars Fixed

Engie: The new app, created by Israeli entrepreneurs, gives you a mechanic in the palm of your hand. Using the onboard computer system in your car, the app can diagnose the problem. Then it sends out a request to local mechanics and – voila! – you receive quotes from each of them. Co-founder Gal Aharon […]

July 31, 2016
4trgfc Israel’s Technion Takes a Selfie From Space!

Participants in the International Space University’s 29th Space Studies Program – held for the first time at the Haifa campus of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology – posed for a group selfie photo taken from space last week. Taken from a height of 520 kilometers, the photo shows the 104 program participants lying on the […]

July 28, 2016
Israeli Tech Hopes to Prevent Forgetting Children in Cars

“It’s a small chip you can put on a baby or a pet or even some luggage,” Yossi Shenhav, the CEO of 2Find told The Media Line. “When there is a certain distance between the child and the parent, it will send an alert to the mobile phone of the parent.” On their website, 2Find […]

July 28, 2016
Amedi_eyemusic.jpg.824x0_q71 Israeli Startup Devices Help the Blind ‘see’ Differently

The EyeCane is a small flashlight-like device which uses components that translate distance into sound and vibrations. The device translates the distance to a target into a corresponding frequency of auditory and tactile cues, enabling the user to “feel” the world around him or her within a range of 16 feet. The EyeCane can augment […]

July 28, 2016
elal-1024x688 El Al and JetBlue to Establish Startup Program

El Al has established a new aviation technology accelerator together with JetBlue Technology Ventures, the investment arm of JetBlue Airlines. The program, called Navigator, will provide assistance to start-ups in the field of aviation technology, including exposure to strategic partners, initial funding and ongoing business development guidance and assistance. Startups from Israel and around the […]

July 27, 2016