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1111 Life-Saving Israeli App Makes Appearance at Olympics

SayVU is an application that sends a distress signal to an emergency call center from any phone, even if it is locked. SayVU established a center in Rio, where the technology is now handling emergency and distress calls. The company was selected as part of the Olympics’ comprehensive security network, along with Israeli firms International […]

August 9, 2016
Startup-Ecosystem-Israel Why Israel is the Most Important Startup Ecosystem in the World

Out of a population of eight million, 40,000 people work in the high-tech industry and contribute to 15 percent of the total export GDP of the country. The country has been focusing on creating a culture of innovation for a long time now, and has been successful in establishing a vibrant ecosystem for startups to […]

August 5, 2016
skylens-635x357 Israeli Tech Helps Pilots See Through Fog

Civilian airline pilots flying through fog or other limited visibility conditions will soon be able to benefit from an optical system designed by Israeli defense industry leader Elbit Systems, according to a report on Channel 2 news. Elbit’s new system uses special cameras to analyze various wavelengths of light, then chooses and combines them with […]

August 5, 2016
maggie-hogan-kayak.jpg.824x0_q71_crop-scale The New Technology that’s Helping Olympic Kayakers

Motionize, a sports-tracking company based in Israel, has released a kit that’s designed to help kayakers optimize their training. It includes a sensor that attaches to a paddle, a waterproof case with a motion sensor for your smartphone and an app that provides real-time feedback. “You have two sensors, one that goes on your boat […]

August 4, 2016
treasuryhacking_600x400 Israeli Company Keeps Hackers Out of Your Car

With the widespread adoption of technology in vehicles — the market is expected to hit 250 million connected cars by 2020 — automakers have to increase their cybersecurity defenses just as they have to address physical safety precautions for these high-tech vehicles. With more cars on the road using the internet, the more threat they face […]

August 3, 2016
76uyhg Israeli Company Proves that Video Games are the Future

An Israeli startup called TROPHiT has created a value-driven marketing platform for video games aimed at the cellphone market. The company was founded by CEO Guy Hollander and CTO Sagi Mann. TROPHiT’s technology does not require a software development kit (SDK) or any other changes, and it enables video-game companies to use every part of […]

August 3, 2016