Kristof Steiner

Mazal Tofu! – Your ultimate guide to vegan Tel Aviv by Kristóf Joseph Steiner

By Kristóf Joseph Steiner Being vegan in Tel Aviv is almost as obvious as being gay. Or Jewish. Or having a tattoo. The city is staring to have more vegan-friendly restaurants than synagogues. In this post I’ll share with you my favorites. For breakfast: vegan omlet at Mezze Mezze is a lovely little café on the […]

Vintage is sexy! – TLV as you never knew it by Kristóf Joseph Steiner

by Kristóf Joseph Steiner In Tel Aviv going to the post office can be an educational and artistic experience: HaShalom tower is Tel Aviv hosts exhibitions in its lobby, this one uncovering the story of the White City. Check out the fun and fashion in these vintage photos from the “good ol’ times”. The Shalom Mayer Tower (where apparently my […]