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Tel Aviv vs Mykonos – Which one is Better?

Both Mykonos and Tel Aviv are famous for being super gay-friendly, having breathtakingly beautiful beaches, and offering fancy and fun shopping experiences… but if one needs to pick just one, which is the best summer holiday destination? Tel Aviv, the one and only White City – so they say, yet the cultural and party capital […]

6+1 Best Shakshouka in Tel Aviv, Including our Very own Recipe!

Shakshouka in Tel Aviv is like pasta in Rome, or bagel in New York – with our help now you can find the best one in town, and even cook your own version. Shakshouka is a dish composed of spiced-up tomatoes and peppers, topped with a sunny-side-up egg. Fried and cooked in a pan, often […]

7 Reasons Why the Yemeni Village is the Coolest Neighbourhood of Tel Aviv

The silly proverb claiming “Every day is a holiday if you live your nights like the Yemenites” actually makes sense. The “Kerem”, the Yemenite village in the heart of Tel Aviv City, is the most chilled, most authentic, and most easygoing area of town. This is why it’s the coolest neighbourhood of Tel Aviv. This […]

Snacks & The City – Top restaurants you have to go to

By: ‪Kristóf Yosef Steiner, WHITE CITY BOY The local cuisine is so hyped that the legendary Canadian show, The Foodie List decided to drop by in Tel Aviv to visit the best restaurants in the city If you thought vegan-ism is too challenging because you can’t find food to eat, then you’re clearly living in the wrong country. Israel’s […]

Small country, plenty of fish

BY: ‪KRISTOF STEINER, WHITE CITY BOY An inside look at online dating in Israel a.k.a Grindr user @whitecityboy If there’s anything good about so many available dating sites and apps, it’s that online dating is no longer considered taboo. Hell yes, it’s annoying when our friends seem to cling to their phones obsessing over potential […]

The True Colors of Activism

By: ‪Kristof Steiner, White City Boy Israeli youth organization, IGY helps LGBTQ kids to fit in society, and runs events cross country to educate people about gender and human rights issues. Eran Evan, Tel Avivian fashion & art teacher and photographer is one of their most dedicated volunteers. Find out what it takes to raise […]