amir-haddad Israeli-French singer to represent France at Eurovision

Amir Haddad, who came in third place in France’s ‘The Voice,’ will sing ‘J’ai Cherché’ at the 2016 Eurovision song contest in Stockholm this May Israeli singer Amir Haddad, who participated in the fourth season of Israeli singing competition “A Star is Born” a decade ago, has been chosen to represent France at the Eurovision […]

March 1, 2016
Ada-Yonath-965x543 From graffiti to colorful canvases

Solomon Souza spray paints murals of characters that inspired him on shutters of Mahane Yehuda stores, ranging from biblical heroes to former Israeli prime ministers. From early morning until late evening, the Israeli market’s narrow, covered alleys are packed with local shoppers and tourists pushing their way past packed stalls in search of the best […]

February 29, 2016
2010-02-05-men Religious LGBT Jews come out online

Dozens of observant LGBT Jews have revealed their identities online, along with their sexual orientation, publishing their names and photos in a first-of-its kind campaign. Titled “Our Faces,” the campaign is the work of Bat Kol, an organization of religious gay women, and Havruta, the men’s equivalent, in cooperation with religious groups at the IGY […]

February 25, 2016
Talk about tasty coexistence

A-Sham (“Levant” in Arabic) is the first ever Arab Food Festival in Israel. 25 chefs, Jews and Arabs, from all over the country joined together to create Arabic delicacies, such as hilbe (fenugreek seeds), habisa (a black-and-white pudding sweetened with carob juice) or haroumanieh (green lentils cooked with eggplant in pomegranate juice). The food festival […]

February 19, 2016
f4527636eaf061bb805937c1a0bb4f67 Some kosher (and non-kosher) surprises in Tel Aviv

By: Erik Tryggestad, The Christian Chronicle Hearing a traveller’s perspective of Israel before and then after their first trip – clearly, Israel is full of surprises! Writer for The Christian Chronicle, Erik Tryggestad, wrote about his experience travelling Israel for the first time. He points out that: “a country, a region or a people can’t […]

February 18, 2016
aleppo-640x480 Aleppo Codex recognized by UNESCO as world treasure

Canadian Jewish News Israel’s Aleppo Codex, believed to be the world’s oldest copy of the Hebrew Bible, has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a unique world treasure. The Aleppo Codex, which was written in Tiberias around 930 CE and is currently held by the Israel Museum, was […]

February 10, 2016