Ellen meets Wonder Woman

Not only is she Wonder Woman to Batman V Superman, she’s also Wonder Woman to her adorable daughter Don’t miss the infamous Israeli actress/model talk to Ellen DeGeneres about her role as Wonder Woman. If this doesn’t make you love her even more, than you need to watch the interview again!  

This is how you NEED to celebrate Pi day

By: Mollie Zapata – THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Thought Pi day was a nerdy holiday? Think again… it’s the best thing that has happened to Mondays Check out Mollie Zapata‘s recipe for her Chocolate Cream Pie, you won’t regret it! Easily, the most crave-worthy pie that will make your stomach growl all day! Mollie was inspired […]

Video Contest: Filmmakers Spread Message of Love for Israel

By: Rivkah Lambert Adler To inspire Jews and non-Jews with the truth about Israel, filmmakers were challenged create brief videos featuring positive messages about the country Avi Abelow, Founder and CEO of Israel Video Network, started a video contest for filmmakers around the world with the sole purpose of educating and spreading the truth about Israel. […]

Daniel Radcliffe to star in movie adaptation of Israeli cult classic

Harry Potter star to act in adaptation of the book ‘Back from Tuichi’, a real-life survival tale by Israeli author Yossi Ghinsberg. Jewish-British movie star Daniel Radcliffe continues to prove that there is life after Harry Potter. Since he hung up his oval glasses, Radcliffe has performed in numerous low-budget, independent productions. While many of […]

Snow in Tel Aviv?

Israelis encounter an unusual sight in one of Israel’s largest cities – 50 cubic meters snow covering Rabin Square. Tel Aviv residents could not believe their eyes on Friday morning when they discovered snow covering Rabin Square. Early on Friday morning, two trucks arrived at the square and unloaded 50 cubic meters of snow, brought […]

Oscar nominees get free trip to Israel

Actors and directors nominated for an Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards ceremony on February 28th will receive a luxurious gift bag which includes a free trip to the Holy Land. The luxurious gift package worth $200,000 awarded to actors and directors who are candidates for an Oscar this year includes a ten-day trip to […]