Juicy Details on the Beef You’re Eating

cows Juicy Details on the Beef You’re Eating

Remember this when you take that next bite of steak: According to the Weizmann Institute of Science, beef is the most environmentally costly food to consume. In other words, with each bite of that succulent steak, the Earth is becoming more and more at risk. I’m not saying that we should stop eating beef (never!), but […]

July 30, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.44.40 AM The Non-stop City Drinks Non-stop Water Thanks to Woosh

A pilot project has been launched in Tel Aviv, which aims to provide free drinking water in public spaces. This project is attempting to reduce plastic waste, which has contributed to an overall increase in waste within city-centres. It also attempts to promote a healthier lifestyle, by providing a free alternative to less healthy drinks […]

May 29, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.13.08 PM VIDEO: Artists in Tel Aviv Just Found the Greatest use of Israeli Sand

A dozen international sand sculptors make magic with 700 tons of sand. Give a dozen talented sand sculptors 700 tons of Israeli sand, and what do you get? Fifteen awesome works of art at Tel Aviv’s Eretz Israel Museum. “Every sculpture was made by one sculptor in 16 days,” says artist Baldrick Buckle. “The sand […]

May 8, 2014
TelAvivSunset VIDEO: 24 Hours in Israel

From Haifa to Tel Aviv, Israel will make you smile! Check out what one day looks like in one minute! :: IsrealVideoNetwork.com

May 1, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.32.46 AM Prime Minister’s 2nd annual contest for oil substitutes is underway

Science Minister: Oil is a political tool found in the hands of our greatest enemies, Israel must lower its strategic value reduce the world dependence. Nominations are being accepted for the second annual million-dollar prize for alternative transportation fuels – an international competition sponsored by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The Science and Technology Ministry, in […]

April 2, 2014
Blue-Water Celebrating Five Innovative Israeli Water Technologies for World Water Day

In honour of World Water Day, we have put together a list of five hot Israeli tech companies that focus on water! Situated on the edge of the desert with limited access to fresh water, Israelis have leveraged cutting edge technologies to improve and ensure access to water while sharing these technologies around the world. […]

March 20, 2014