The World’s Tallest Solar Tower is Under Construction in Israel

In Israel, a country willing and eager to use renewable energy, the world’s tallest solar tower is currently under construction. Once it’s completed, it will rise 787 feet, twice as tall as the current record holder, located in California’s Mojave Desert. The electricity generated, will be enough to supply 120,000 homes with clean energy and […]

5 innovations that are helping people with disabilities

By: Gerri Miller Israeli nonprofit’s programs benefit adults and children worldwide by simplifying everyday tasks Beit Issie Shapiro is an Israeli nonprofit organization that is known for providing services and assistance to people who face difficulties due to disabilities. There are more than 1 billion people in the world who have some form of a […]

Energy being stored and used in a revolutionary way

By: David Shamah 2 Nigerian entrepreneurs went to Israel to showcase their soccer ball that converts kinetic energy into power Jessica O. Matthews, now CEO of Uncharted Play and her sister, Tiana Idoni-Matthews (marketing director), attended Forbe’s gala event in Tel Aviv on their first trip to Israel. Jessica Matthews realized the untapped potential of storing and converting kinetic energy into […]

TiME – New global initiative to be launched in Knesset

This is My Earth (TiME), an environmental start-up that is being developed to save biodiversity through the conservation of critical habitats around the world A special event will be hosted at the Knesset on March 28, 2016 to launch a new global network to protect critical ecological habitats. This is My Earth (TiME) is an […]

Israeli Food Bank Launches Charity Credit Card for Families

Colel Chabad’s Eshel Card Will Allow Poverty-Stricken Families to Make Food Purchases with Dignity Colel Chabad, known to be the longest consecutively active charitable organization in Israel, is launching a new program for families who depend on the Food Bank for help – especially over the holidays. With Purim approaching, Colel Chabad has launched an Eshel Card […]

Bringing Israeli Innovation to African Villages

Israeli women – and tech – connect African villages to water, electricity Israeli organization, Innovation: Africa, was founded by Sivan Ya’ari. Innovation: Africa is recognized for their work in bringing Israeli innovation to African countries, including: Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Ethiopia. They currently involved in 104 projects […]