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Photo: Andrea Kuenzig/Laif/Camera Press SDM’s ‘Canadian Ginger’ is back, and this time she’s talking Summer

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness) It is officially summer time in Israel! With the Gay Pride Parade (which was AMAZING for all those who missed it) kicking off summer 2013 a few weeks ago – the weather has gotten hotter, the beaches are packed and people are out and about. So what is a girl […]

Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 4.09.11 PM SDM’s ‘Canadian Ginger’ tastes Israel with 6 international food blogger

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness) The Taste of Israel culinary journey had its closing ceremony last night after a delicious weeklong tour of Israel. Six food bloggers from around the world were invited to take part in this once in a lifetime experience by 23 students at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, all part of […]

Food Israel VIDEO: Leading international Food bloggers heading to Israel

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness) Taste of Israel – Eat.Tweet.Love Food is an international language. It has the ability to bridge people, places, cultures, religions and ideas. Beginning Sunday, September 2nd, the ‘Canadian Ginger’ and a group of students at the IDC Herzliya, are hosting a week culinary tour of Israel for 6 world acclaimed […]

Vending Machine Bus ISrael Our ‘Canadian Ginger’ finds her heros… The Religious Man, The Police officer and the Vending Machine!

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness) I take the bus everyday to and from work, and I some how always manage to have something fun or strange on each bus ride. Take this morning for example, I was late (as usual) running to the bus which only comes once an hour. I was about to […]

White Night Tel Aviv Our ‘Canadian Ginger’ is sleepless in Tel Aviv

by ‘Canadian Ginger (AKA D’Vora Charness) Tel Aviv’s Layla Lavan (White night)!! Every year Tel Aviv throws what is called the White Night party. As we all know by now, Tel Aviv is always looking for new reasons to party so to kick off the summer the right way, Layla Lavan began last evening and […]

Tel Aviv Summer The ‘Canadian Ginger’ makes a declaration: IT’S SUMMER IN TEL AVIV

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness) It’s officially summer in Izzy!!! Want to know why? Besides the beach weather we are having, the good mood everyone seems to be in and the fact school is almost over…the summer clubs are finally opening!!!! One of Tel Aviv’s best summer hot spots opened last week. The Clara […]