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SDM’s Benji Lovitt visits Israel’s most popular tourist attraction… the Biblical Zoo… TRUE STORY!

Israel: Where old meets new. Where east meets west. Where religious leaders meet supermodel Bar Refaeli. (Ok, maybe not.) There’s no question that there is something for everyone, regardless of taste. The home to the three most famous monotheistic religions, Israel has no shortage of tourist sites packed with visitors year-round. Care to guess then […]

SDM’s Benji Lovitt lives on the fast lane…

Tel Aviv:  Israel’s answer to New York, the city that never sleeps.  There ain’t much sleeping going on in Tel Aviv, and can you blame them?  Because after sitting in rush hour traffic in Israel’s biggest metropolis, it takes a guy a few hours to unwind. If you hadn’t yet picked up on its teeny […]

SDM’s Benji Lovitt catches up with Twilight’s Lutz, Colombia’s Carolina La O, Menudo’s Hernandez and Robocop’s Ferrer IN ISRAEL!

What do a political talk show host, a “Twilight” star, a Hollywood character actor, a Columbian pop singer, and a former member of Latino band Menudo turned solo singer have in common? If you’re expecting to find the answer on the E! channel, you may be watching television for a while; however, if you however […]

Jerusalem Pride: Bringing people together

Photo by Malka Packer By Benji Lovitt, SDM Last Thursday was the 10th annual March for Pride and Tolerance in Jerusalem and if you happened to be there in person, you’d be excused if you found yourself wondering what you were watching. As you may have picked up from this blog, Jerusalem is not like […]

EXCLUSIVE: Benji Lovitt talks Jerusalem ‘Renaissance’ with filmmaker Liz Nord

By Benji Lovitt, SDM Last week, we wrote about the public art revival happening in Jerusalem, part of the cultural renaissance which has taken the city by storm.  To quote myself (which sounds tacky but, hey, anything goes in a blog), “in response to the city’s shift in recent years towards a more religious identity, […]

Jerusalem: Public Art and Cultural Revival

by Benji Lovitt, SDM When you think of Jerusalem, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Holiness?  Conflict?  The nexus of multiple cultures, religions, and peoples? While these might be the most common answers, don’t be fooled; even one of the most antiquated cities in the world can undergo a makeover.  There may not […]