Dan Hadad

VIDEO: 90210’s Donna Martin invites you to Tel Aviv’s Donna Martin

by Dan Hadad What do 90210 and Tel Aviv have in common…. Donna Martin! Tori Spelling AKA Donna Martin invites YOU to Tel Aviv’s Donna Martin 2015 Pride Edition Party! Check out the video she released. OMG! טורי ספלינג מרימה לדונה מרטין ומזמינה אתכם לחגיגות 7 השני…או.אמ.ג’י! טורי ספלינג בכבודה ובעצמה מרימה לדונה מרטין, ומזמינה […]

VIDEO: The ‘Golden Boys’ of Tel Aviv

by Dan Hadad This is what happens when one creates a music video for Israel’s Eurovision submission ‘Golden Boy’ with a cast of Tel Aviv’s Golden Boys. You’re welcome. The Golden Boys of Tel Aviv This is what you get when you take some of the hottest guys in Tel Aviv and mix them with the […]

Israeli shorts @ Toronto’s InsideOUT film festival

by Dan Hadad It’s that time of the year again, Toronto’s InsideOUT festival is set to hit the screens around the city. Every year, the festival showcases the best of LGBTQ films from around the globe. This year, 3 Israeli shorts made the list, don’t forget to get your tickets and check them out! Here […]