Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble

Spotlight on Israeli Culture presents

Diwan Saz is a multicultural group made up of Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Bedouin musicians, who perform ancient music from Central Asia, Turkey, Persia, and the Holy Land. The melodies and texts incorporate the spirit and music of Sufism and the musical heritage of the Holy Land. Diwan Saz explores this music in depth, playing, composing and transposing texts and melodies from the various ethnic and folk traditions. Promoting peace and understanding through their music, Diwan Saz illustrates another side of Israel, not often reported – a place where diverse cultures have co-existed for centuries in close creative harmony through, among other things, music.

For more info visit www.ashkenaz.ca or call 416-979-9901


Aga Khan Museum Auditorium
77 Wynford Drive


Thurs. Mar. 12, 8:00pm





This program is part of the Spotlight on Israeli Culture festival taking place Feb – March 2015 in Toronto, read more about the other events at the Spotlight website.