Apples from the Desert

Spotlight on Israeli Culture presents

Written by Savyon Liebrecht
Translated by Shir Freibach

Winner of Israel’s Best Play Award, 2006

A poignant drama about love and reconciliation adapted by one of Israel’s most beloved authors from her own short story, this hit Israeli play follows the young Sephardic Rivka, a religious teenager, who falls for Dooby, a secular kibbutznik, at a dance class in Jerusalem. She arranges to follow him back to his kibbutz in the Negev Desert, but not before Rivka’s orthodox parents bar her from leaving, forcibly at first, only to chase after Rivka as she flees. A timeless and timely confrontation between tradition and modernity becomes a moving reckoning, as the sweetest of meals is offered and two generations learn to make peace.

Savyon Liebrecht is one of [Israel’s] most popular authors… She writes intelligently about ordinary people in situations that reveal the depths and passions of their lives.

The Jerusalem Post


The Gallery Lounge
Toronto Centre for the Arts
5040 Yonge Street


Sun. Mar. 8 – 2pm


FREE, reservation required

416.932.9995 ext. 224

This program is part of the Spotlight on Israeli Culture festival taking place Feb – March 2015 in Toronto, read more about the other events at the Spotlight website.