Israeli flag to fly at CERN in mark of full membership


Blue Star of David joining flags of 20 other members of international physics laboratory.

The Israeli flag will be flying from the international particle physics laboratory CERN as of Wednesday.

The blue Star of David will be joining the flags of 20 other countries at the Globe of Science and Innovation, the spherical building near Geneva that has become CERN’s most publicly identifiable landmark, to mark Israel’s having become the 21st member state – and the non-European full member of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

This is a happy moment,” said Eliezer Rabinovici, a physicist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who heads the Israeli Academy of Science’s National Committee for High Energy Physics as well as the Israeli research team at CERN. “The Israeli scientists have cleared a path for Israel to become full members of a scientific enterprise aimed at studying the secrets of the universe while engaged in global collaboration.”

Rabinovici will be speaking at the flag-placing event, as will Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.