A brave hat for a brave heart

By Kylie Ora Lobell – Jewish Journal

The hospital can be scary at any age, but for children, it can be especially daunting. This initiative helps children be brave instead of scared

Happy Hats for Kids Hero Club sends kits to kids in hospitals who are undergoing medical procedures, giving them hats to wear when they are scared and will make them brave. This program assembles kits for each kid, and includes: a red-trimmed blue hat that has a yellow star, crayons, and a 60-page story and coloring book that teaches children about hospital procedures. They are made by Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals, a nonprofit started by Los Angeles native Sheri Schrier.

According to the Jewish Journal:

“The hats are decorated and packaged by young adults with special needs between the ages of 18 and 22 who are part of the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s transition to work program. Following high school, these young adults — who have cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and hearing and visual impairments — work on hats for the organization two hours a day, two days a week. 


Some of the hats have even gone global. They’ve been distributed in Russia, Italy and El Salvador, and have gone to Israeli hospitals such as Bikur Cholim Hospital and Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, as well as Assaf Harofeh Medical Center near Tel Aviv.”

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