India and Israel: Shared Values. Shared Future

These two countries have had close diplomatic relations for over 20 years, but the friendship just starts there.

Israel and India have teamed up in…

Israel and India are negotiating a new free trade agreement, which is expected to at least triple trade between the two countries. Currently, India is Israel’s second largest trading partner behind China.

In April 2013 Tata Industries chose Tel Aviv University’s tech transfer company Ramot as its strategic partner for generating leading edge ‘commercialization ready’ technologies in a wide range of fields, including engineering and exact sciences, environment and clean technology, pharmaceuticals and health care.

India and Israel have agreed to set up a joint R&D fund for various sectors, to be operational within a year.

Israel knows sustainability and so Israeli company Focal energy is bringing all different types of renewable energy to India. They have mustard based biomass power plant and hydro-electric projects scattered all over the country!

Do you have a fresh start-up idea? Pay close attention then. Agiletree is an Indo-Israeli investment company which focuses on fresh, innovative ideas from young and upcoming start-ups in domains such as software development, internet, and web-development. A perfect example of the Israeli and Indian entrepreneurial spirit.

On January 21, 2008, India launched a 300 kilogram Israeli satellite into orbit. It was Israel’s most advanced satellite and they asked for India’s help to launch it into a low-earth orbit.

Israeli company IDE technologies is a world leader in desalination plants and currently operates India’s largest seawater desalination plant.

Israel and the state of Rajasthan have similar climates and so the government of Rajasthan is looking to Israel’s technique of ‘fertigation automation’ to increase farm efficiency.

We can all agree that both Israel and India have stellar universities, and they’re only getting better because in August 2012 India and Israel signed a $50 million academic research agreement.

Israeli company Netafim invented drip irrigation and took it straight to India where they have introduced sustainable irrigation with much higher crop yields. Netafim has increased India’s cotton crop, vital to their textile industry, by 85% with 40% less water! India now has its very own Netafim India branch with 3 facilities in the country and is India’s second biggest irrigation company.