Our ‘Canadian Ginger’ finds her heros… The Religious Man, The Police officer and the Vending Machine!

By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness)

I take the bus everyday to and from work, and I some how always manage to have something fun or strange on each bus ride. Take this morning for example, I was late (as usual) running to the bus which only comes once an hour. I was about to cross the intersection to get to the central bus station however the light was still red. As I was about to cross the religious man on his scooter next to me goes “Metuka (sweety) why are you crossing at the red?” I replied by explaining I was late and my bus was leaving in a minute and I needed to catch get on otherwise I’d have to pay 80 NIS for a taxi! He asked me for my bus number and once I told him he zoomed off and shouted “don’t worry!! I’ll make sure you make it!” once I got to the bus stop there was my superman holding up the bus for me!

I thought to myself “wow this is going to be a great day! What a nice man!”

On the way home I fell asleep on the bus and was awoken by a police officer who was about to get off the bus. Now if you’re approached by a police officer the initial reaction is to panic thinking you’ve done something wrong. However she held up the bus from pulling out of the station so she could wake me up and make sure I didn’t miss my stop! How sweet is that?

But I think la crème de la crème was the bus I was on which had a VENDING MACHINE on it!

Oh Israel always full of adventures!!