VIDEO: The ‘Golden Boys’ of Tel Aviv

by Dan Hadad

This is what happens when one creates a music video for Israel’s Eurovision submission ‘Golden Boy’ with a cast of Tel Aviv’s Golden Boys.

You’re welcome.

The Golden Boys of Tel Aviv This is what you get when you take some of the hottest guys in Tel Aviv and mix them with the best Eurovision song. SHARE if you Like! Good luck to our talented friends, Doron Medalie/דורון מדלי who wrote, composed, and directed the Israeli song “Golden Boy” for the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow evening and Nadav Geudj who is the amazing voice in the song!Special thanks to Shai Sheves , Natalia Goldenberg and Ido Simyoni who helped make it happen! Video by: Aaron Goldenberg & Eitan BernatModels for BERNATpm: Eric Mor, Ariel Ben-attar, Michael Sason, Ido KatzWanna join the Golden Boys?

Posted by BERNATpm on Wednesday, May 20, 2015