Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2016

This past Friday June 3rd was Tel Aviv’s annual Pride Parade. Rainbow flags draped TLV’s streets and storefronts for days leading up to the parade, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for everyone in Tel Aviv.

The city was completely taken over by the Pride Parade with some 200,000 people dancing through the streets of Tel Aviv and celebrating the LGBTQ community. The atmosphere was just like a college homecoming – thousands of people smiling and dancing in a sea of rainbow, water being sprayed from rooftop parties down onto the crowds, fluttering confetti, and floats with dancers. The parade was impossible to miss, closing down the major roads in Tel Aviv to make way for the event.

People from across the world came to Tel Aviv to celebrate, and definitely were not disappointed. The largest event of its kind in the region, the Tel Aviv Pride Parade is a true celebration of love and equality.