SDM’s ‘Canadian Ginger’ is back, and this time she’s talking Summer


By ‘Canadian Ginger’ (AKA D’vora Charness)

It is officially summer time in Israel!

With the Gay Pride Parade (which was AMAZING for all those who missed it) kicking off summer 2013 a few weeks ago – the weather has gotten hotter, the beaches are packed and people are out and about.

So what is a girl to do in the upcoming summer months?!?

Well luckily for me, Israel turns into a ‘smorgasbord’ of events all over the country during the summer. It is only July and already there has been the Jerusalem Light Festival in the old city as well as the city’s Formula One, the Tel Aviv Wine Festival (So amazing!!) and the Barbara Streisand concerts in both TLV and Eilat. Not to mention the Annual Presidential Conference, which this year celebrated President Shimon Peres’ 90th birthday! I was personally lucky enough to be able to attend the conference where I got the chance to see Former President Bill Clinton receive an award from President Shimon Peres and hear Canada’s Foreign Minister, John Baird.

So what’s next? Besides enjoying the beaches, the sun, and the TLV nightlife (which has finally moved to be outdoors for the summer!) I will be waiting for my family to visit in a couple of weeks, dance my bum off at the Holi Colour Festival next week, the Tel Aviv Water Fight and, of course, working on my tan while waiting for the next event to hit the scene.

Until then, I will be drinking a nice cold Israeli Goldstar Beer pretending for it to be a Molson Canadian Beer in honour of Canada Day!!