‘My 2 dads,’ Children’s book to be released next week

A new children’s book to be released in Israel next week, tells the story of kids who came into the world via surrogate for a gay couple

“When the kids in Gal and Noa’s kindergarden wanted to play ‘Mom and Dad,’ Noa and Gal suggested that they play Dad and Dad, but the rest of the kids thought there was no such thing.” This is the opening sentence of the new children’s book, entitled ‘Noa’s Dads,’ that’s being released November 1st in Israel, based on the true story of the Pinkas-Arad family. “I wanted to give kids who grow up in new families the legitimate feeling that they belong to Israeli society,” grandmother Shosh Pinkas, who wrote the book, tells Israeli web magazine mako.

Sperm giving, egg donation, hormones, surrogate mothers, in vitro fertilization, transfer, are some of the terms that are related to the complicated (yet wonderful) process that gay couples go through on their way to expanding their families. While the subject can be difficult to digest for grownups, Pinkas has spent months of work in order to compile the process in an easy and light way that can be suitable for kids. “After many sleepless nights trying to find the right words, the book was born,” she says, and then explains that part of her long process included reading all of the sexual education books for children, and presenting the book to a psychologist who specializes in children of young ages.

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