Turned on by #Israel? Share the love with Size Doesn’t Matter (SDM)!

The Details

SDM is currently in the fourth year of #Project972. Each year, we look for students in Canada who love everything Tel Aviv and everything Israel, and we ask them to host fabulous events on their campuses. We provide you with event planning support, event materials, and a stipend –and you get to build bridges on campus with an inspired, super fun event each semester!



If this sounds familiar, #project972 wants YOU!

How to Apply

Applications for #Project972 2016/2017 are now OPEN! To apply, please submit your current CV including two references and a short statement of interest (300 words or less) to allyson@sizedoesntmatter.com. Applications close on September 15, 2016, and all documents must be submitted by then.

In the meantime, check out the SICK group of students that helped us spread the LOVE last year!

Meet our current #Project972 Interns

Faaiz Bilal – York University

Faaiz Bilal

My name is Faaiz and I’m a political science student at York University. My passion is to learn different countries through music, language, art, food, tech and use it as cultural diplomacy to bring all people closer. I would also like to travel Spain, Brazil and Middle East someday. My phone is full of Hebrew, Spanish, French, Arabic and Persian songs because I believe music is universal language of love and peace. Hopefully by working as SDM intern I can show a unique and never seen side of Israel to the world.

Sasha Chuchin – Carleton University

Sasha Chuchin

As a Russian Jew born in Israel and proudly living in Canada, I wear my heritage like a comfy toque. Good thing too – studying public policy at Carleton taught me that Ottawa is either experiencing winter or construction-winter. When I’m not talking about science, I’m usually found holed up indoors kvetching about the weather. With SDM, I’m excited to share Israel beyond the cliché of holy water and desert sand.

Jordyn Posluns – University of Guelph


I’m a fourth year Biomedical Sciences student at the University of Guelph, and when I’m not busy dissecting cadavers in the Human Anatomy lab, I can likely be found playing with my yellow lab, Sadie.  I enjoy baking, creative writing, and ice skating, and am an Executive Member of Guelph Hillel.  As the Executive Producer of University of Guelph’s musical theatre production company, I have a tremendous passion for dance (specifically tap)!  I can’t wait to embark on my Size Doesn’t Matter journey with the rest of the #Project972 team this semester!

Alexandra Brenner – Carleton University

Alexandra Brenner

My name is Alexandra Brenner and I am a Public Affairs and Policy Management student at Carleton University. I was born in South Africa and am now a proud Canadian citizen. My passion for cultural diversity along with my personal experiences have made me representative of Canada-Israel shared values of multiculturalism. I am bilingual in French, English, and I have a working knowledge of Hebrew. My deep passion and love for Israel stems from my appreciation of Canada’s democratic and free society. I wish to share Israel’s compassionate spirit and vibrant culture with my fellow students on campus. In my free time I advocate for self-care and mental health and believe a good workout is a great way to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.