Ancient coins from the Maccabean Period found in Israel

An archeological excavation uncovered a treasure of coins and a manor from the Maccabean period; the site also found evidence that points to the inhabitants’ participation in the First Maccabean Revolt.

Silver coins dating back to the Maccabean Period (from around 126 BCE) have been found at an archeological excavation site near Modi’in. The project is led by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), and the digging is part the construction of a new neighborhood in the Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut Municipality.

In addition to silver coins, the excavation also uncovered many bronze coins with the names of such Jewish Maccabean leaders as Yohanan, Yudah, and Matthathias.

The excavation also found apparent that possibly point to the manor inhabitants’ possible participation in the Maccabees’ first revolt against the Romans in 66 CE, as some of the coins read “Year 2” (of the revolt), as well as the slogan, “Freedom of Zion.”




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