Taking Purim to the Sky

By: Daniel Uria

Man dressed as Aladdin rides ‘Magic Carpet’ down street in Israel


לא יודע אם תאמינו לי, אבל ראיתי עכשיו את אלאדין עובר באדום על השטיח באלנבי…


Posted by Aviad Rosenfeld on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

With Purim coming up, an Israeli got really into the festive spirit, by dressing up as Aladdin. According to UPI, “A man was seen riding a mechanical “magic carpet” down the streets of Israel while dressed as Aladdin. Aviad Rosenfeld shared video of the man on the first day of the Jewish celebration of Purim. The annual celebration often includes dressing in costumes and handing out food and gifts to friends and family.”

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