Fresh Paint 8 opens at Tel Aviv Port

Fresh Paint Contemporary Art & Design Fair is the largest and most influential annual art event in Israel, bringing together art lovers and professionals

The 8th edition of Fresh Paint Contemporary Art & Design Fair, Tel-Aviv, will take place 5-9 April 2016 in YARID HAMIZRACH, at the Tel Aviv Port. The fair is held in cooperation with the Tel-Aviv municipality, and supported, for the third consecutive year, by UBS Wealth Management, head sponsor of Art Basel, the world’s leading contemporary art Fair. This year, the fair pays tribute to the first international Fair that took place in 1932 in the same location as Fresh Paint 8.

This year, for the first time since it was founded and in the spirit of YARID HAMIZRACH’s heritage, Fresh Paint Fair presents a themed exhibition by international and Israeli artists. Also on view at the fair: leading galleries, the promising, independent artists’ greenhouse and the Fresh Design section.

The international works will include a large installation by Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki, a performance by the Romanian artist Szilard Gaspar and a photographic series by the Senegal artist Fabrice Monteiro.  As part of the fair’s collaboration with leading Israeli art institutions, the video art greenhouse, supported by Outest non-profit organization will be curated by the Tel-Aviv Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), led by Sergio Edelstein. The Igal Ahouvi Collection will present a special project at the fair, and Sotheby’s Auction House will continue to grant the Under the Hammer Prize to an outstanding work of art from the Greenhouse.

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