Bar Refaeli breaks the internet: Again

Featured Photo: Sebastian Faena

If you thought she was going to quit working after the wedding, boy were you wrong, and we have the pictures to prove it.

In case you missed it, Bar Rafaeli did an incredible shoot in October 2015. In case you were wondering, this is also how we dress when we go to a barn…


Photo: Sebastian Faena

Who needs an electric heater or a warm blanket in this wintery weather, when Bar Refaeli decides to break the internet with a stripped down photo shoot. The pictures from the shoot were first published abroad in December, featuring the top model in lingerie.


Photo: Sebastian Faena

The shoot, which was shot in October by the legendary photographer, Sebastian Faena, was titled “Needle in a Haystack.” The shoot features Refaeli in a barn wearing nothing but the bare minimums. Refaeli is a presenter for the British undergarment company behind the shoot, “Agent Provocateur.”


Photo: Sebastian Faena

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