Israeli Food Bank Launches Charity Credit Card for Families

Colel Chabad’s Eshel Card Will Allow Poverty-Stricken Families to Make Food Purchases with Dignity

Colel Chabad, known to be the longest consecutively active charitable organization in Israel, is launching a new program for families who depend on the Food Bank for help – especially over the holidays.


With Purim approaching, Colel Chabad has launched an Eshel Card to give to families in need. The name derived from the Eshel Food Security Program, provides food staples and groceries to tens of thousands of Israeli families each year. The Eshel card is effectively a pre-paid credit card that is accepted at several grocery stores across Israel. This type of donation will allow poverty-stricken families to make food purchases with dignity, while selecting the food that they choose to eat. Colel Chabad has insured that items – such as, hard alcohol and cigarettes – will not be covered by the Eshel Card; therefore, ensuring that the card is only used to purchase food items.

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