Could Israel’s tech hub eclipse Silicon Valley?

We all know the billion-dollar tech behemoths from Silicon Valley – Apple, Google and Facebook – but that’s not to say that all successful startups originate in the US

Not to mention that Apple, Google and Facebook have all set up offices around Israel and have been using Israeli employees to grow their research and development.

According to CNBC:

Israel has more tech startups and venture-capital funding per head of population than anywhere — even the United States. That’s a refrain at a Forbes summit for more than 600 under-30 entrepreneurs from around the world taking place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem this week. Tel Aviv’s ocean frontage and spring sunshine even give it some of the look and feel of California‘s Bay Area. In fact if the denizens of Silicon Valley aren’t careful, more of their Israeli peers could eclipse them.

That already may be happening in areas like cyber security. After all, local and international news outlets reported that it was an Israeli company, Cellebrite, which helped the FBI break into a locked iPhone at the heart of the recent high-profile court battle — now moot — between the U.S. government and Apple.”

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