‘The Dictator’ Exhorting Israeli Journalist to Pull Down his Pants

Israeli journalist Nimrod Dvir thought it was just another press conference when he was sent to cover the new movie ‘The Dictator’ for the Israeli entertainment show ‘Good Evening with Guy Pines,’(yep. That’s the name) but during that press conference, The Dictator, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, pulled down his golden gun and shoved it into Dvir’s crotch.

With ‘The Dictator,’ opening next weekend in America, Baron Cohen mocks Arab leaders by exaggeration of their behavior, and there are those who call the new comedy a free interpretation of Saddam Hussain’s autobiography, even though the appearance of ‘The Dictator’ himself (AKA ‘General Aladin’), reminds us a little bit like the former Lybian dictator, Muamar Guadaffi.

With all of the above, when Dvir presented himself as “Nimrod from Israel” to ask a question, it was almost inevitable that Baron Cohen would put on a show. “He asked me if I’m Jewish and I said I’m very Jewish,” Dvir tells Abbanibi. “Then he smiled, asked me to get closer to him and got up from his chair to meet me. He pulled out a golden gun, point it to my crotch and asked me to prove that I’m Jewish.”

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