SDM’s ONE-on-ONE with Israeli Comedian, Actress and Singer Meital Dohan

She’s a beauty, an Israeli comedian, actress and singer. She played Yael Hoffman on Weeds and Abby in the play Stitching. She’s recently extended her presence to the Music industry, with her famous track “Yummy Boyz” which she recently performed in Hollywood with famous DJ Hector Fonseca (Watch here). Meital has been named one of SDM’s hottest Israeli ladies of 2011 (Check out the list here) She is one hot Israeli export! That is why you need to read the following interview…

Who is Meital Dohan, what would you want people to know about you ?

You’d have to ask my pet tiger if you really wanted the true scoop about me. I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Sugar and spice , a little bit feisty, and a little bit nice. But behind all that spiciness, I believe in real emotions: laughing, loving, and connecting with each other. I want to give the world some hope for some real principles and I hope to inspire people to connect to their own roots and respect one another.

You started out in TV, and now Music? Why the switch, were you always a singer ?

It’s not a switch. I’m still acting. I just see music as another extension of myself.  Another channel of expression. It happened organically so I just went with it and I’m happy I did!

Before you tell us about your music, a little something about your experience on one of my favourite show, WEEDS!

Weeds was a total blast to work on! I mean, you’re pretty lucky if you get to spend your day on camera with Justin Kirk and a strap on. The whole cast and the creators of the show are just a really great, unique team.

How would you describe your music ?

The pop tracks are the kind of music you can’t help but get off your ass and dance to. The kind of music that gets stuck in your head. You’ll be singing and dancing to it in your sleep. The other tracks are a little more laid back with lounge type of vibe. You know, the kind of song you’d put on at the end of a hot date. Oh and laughing too, because it’s also funny

Who are some of the artist that have influenced your music ?

There are so many…I really like Serge Gainsborg, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Madonna, Aphex Twin, Prodigy, LMFAO, Ali G, and so on… They are the kind of artists and performers who offer people the kind of experience I want to give people when they are watching me or listening to my music. I want people to laugh – dance and like what they see!

Where is your favorite place to play ?

I like the bath tub. I like my pool. Now I seem like I have a water fetish. St. Barts is probably my favorite place to just find solitude and total internal peace.  If I could play anywhere, why not do it in the most beautiful of places?

Does being Israeli influence your music ? How are you received internationally ?

Israel is in my blood so of course it informs who I am and what I think about. But I don’t think my music is particularly Israeli or American. I’m not trying to embody a country, I’d rather embody fun. That’s what it’s about. Internationally I have a large fanbase because I think Europeans are really open to provocative content and I’ve never been one to shy away from such a thing.

What is your favorite city in Israel ? why ? do yo have any spots you’d recommend ? (restaurants, cafes, clubs etc…)

Tel Aviv is an amazing city. You can walk or bike it. There’s the beach. Every club serves dinner. You’ll run into everyone you know in a 24 hour time period, weather you’d like to or not! Israel is an amazing small country. It combines spirituality, happiness, courage, and an in-your-face approach to honesty.

Does Size Matter ?

Size definitely matters! Size of your brain. Size of your heart. Size of your closet. Oh, and Shoe Size. Those are the sizes that really matter. When it comes to Israel though its small in size, but a lot of big things have and continue to come out of it!


 You can check out Meital on her Website, Facebook , Twitter and Youtube