Jennifer Lopez headed to Tel Aviv for a concert in late 2012!

Diva supreme Jennifer Lopez, or J.Lo to those of us who like our monikers, is planning a concert in Israel in October or November, 2012!

According to Israeli press, J.Lo – the American actress, businesswoman, dancer and recording artist regarded as the most successful entertainer of Latin descent (including almost 60 million record sales) – is in final negotiations to fix a date. The venue has been confirmed as the Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv, the date and ticket prices yet to be confirmed – as soon as we get any news, we’ll post it!

She will be apparently touring late in the year with Enrique Iglesias, a man who has wowed Tel Aviv in the past, but will apparently be performing in Israel alone.

J.Lo has staged a remarkable singing comeback over the last year or two and has added to her fan base, a base that was in its ultimate at the turn of the Millenium…and here’s a little reminder of what she can do…Tel Aviv awaits you J.Lo!